How to partner and collaborate with John

IM John Bartholomew regularly partners with organizations inside and outside of chess, in order to support their objectives and enhance learning experiences for both students and players. His involvement often encompasses:

  • Simultaneous Exhibitions (“Simuls”)
  • Chess Camps
  • Special Events at Chess Tournaments
  • Coaching of Professional Teams
  • Live Chess Commentary
  • Written Post-Game Analysis & Commentary
  • Private Business Consulting

Some of John’s current and historical partnerships include the Charlotte Chess Center (CSC), Chess Emporium in Arizona,, Lichess Plays, Chessable, Chess in the Schools (New York City), and various schools and universities. John has also collaborated with the US Chess Federation (USCF) as a writer for Chess Life magazine and Chess Life Online.

If you are interested in contacting John about a partnership opportunity related to chess, please use the form below to submit your inquiry.