How John works with businesses and groups outside of chess

While John’s primary focus is working on projects within the chess world, he also enjoys partnering with businesses and groups outside of chess when time allows.

As an international chess master and seasoned entrepreneur, John brings a unique perspective to the table in almost any setting. He is always up for an interesting discussion, and he has an open mind for exploring and evaluating new business opportunities. Here are a few examples of topics that John has been approached about and/or is generally open to discussing:

  • Speaking opportunities at events
  • Providing seminars on strategic planning and decision-making
  • Business partnership, advisory, and angel investment opportunities
  • Chess Mindset™ coaching for business leaders, government workers, and individuals
  • General business consulting (tailored to each client)

John started his entrepreneurship journey by making videos on YouTube, eventually amassing nearly 200,000 followers on his channel to date. He also grew his 1-on-1 chess teaching business substantially during this same time.  Moving forward, John remains committed to making a positive impact in chess learning, and he seeks to make an even greater impact for chess improvers worldwide.

His first big success in that area was in cofounding Chessable, an online chess e-Learning platform that John and his business partner, David Kramaley, sold to Play Magnus in 2019. Currently, he is actively involved in two new ventures centered around chess: one being similarly focused on chess e-Learning, with the other being more of a “fun” venture focused on chess merchandise and apparel. (More information and details coming soon on both ventures!)

If you are an individual or organization outside of chess, and you are interested in contacting John about a potential opportunity or professional engagement – please navigate to the Contact page and drop him a note.